I'm Katikapalli Subramanyam Kalyan (shortly Kalyan KS), NLP researcher with over 5 years of research experience. I have published research papers in top tier journals in medical informatics and EMNLP, AACL-IJCNLP workshops. My survey papers on transformers-based pretrained language models received 60+ citations including the citations from papers published by researchers from top tier institutes like University of Oxford, University of Texas, NTU Singapore, IIT Madras and top companies like Google. I have been serving as program committee member (as reviewer) for the last three years for ML4H workshop organized by researchers from top institutes like Stanford.

My broad research interests are natural language processing and deep learning. Specifically, I'm interested in pretrained language models and their application in various NLP tasks, learning with limited labeled data, robustness of NLP models and developing libraries for NLP tasks.