I’m a fifth year PhD candidate working in NLP at Department of Computer Applications, NIT Trichy. My research interests are information extraction and deep learning. I have published papers in top tier journals in medical informatics like Journal of Biomedical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Besides, I have published papers in top tier conference workshops like LOUHI@EMNLP 2020, DeeLIO@EMNLP 2020 and KNLP@AACL-IJCNLP 2020. I’m reviewer for popular a) journals like PLOS ONE, Computers in Biology and Medicine and b) conferences and workshops like ML4H. I’m looking for full time job opportunities (Applied Research Scientist,NLP) from June 2022 onwards.

Recent News

  1. AMMUS : A Survey of Transformer-based Pretrained Language Models in Natural Language Processing (preprint)
  2. AMMU - A Survey of Transformer-based Biomedical Pretrained Language Models (preprint)
  3. Papers got accepted in LOUHI, Deelio (EMNLP 2020 workshops) and KNLP (AACL-IJCNLP 2020 workshop)
  4. Paper got accepted in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (SCI, #8 in medical informatics)
  5. Our system achieved 3rd best results in SMM4H 2020 shared tasks 2 and 3.
  6. Presented SECNLP survey paper in IRISS 2020 organized at IIT Gandhinagar.
  7. Survey Paper on embeddings in Clinical NLP got accepted in Journal of Biomedical Informatics (SCI, #3 in medical informatics)